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virágbolt a nyugatinál
virágbolt a nyugatinál

Flower Shop in Budapest center

We look forward to welcoming you to our flower shop in the middle of Budapest, near Nyugati! Wisit us if you want to send flowers or you would like a freshly tied beautiful flower bouquet! Our Flower salon is 180nm one of Budapest's biggest flower shops. We are waiting for you with a huge selection and long opening hours every day! Our flower shop awaits flower lovers with an outstanding selection!

virágbolt a nyugatinál
virágbolt a nyugatinál
virágbolt a nyugatinál
virágbolt a nyugatinál
virágbolt a nyugatinál
virágbolt a nyugatinál

Our flower shop's address: Budapest, 1067 Podmaniczky str. 39. (You can always park on the corner of our street for a short time!)

Mon‑Sat: 9:00 ‑ 20:00
Sun: 10:00 ‑ 16:00


Telephone number:

virágüzlet Budapesten
virágüzlet Budapesten
virágbolt a nyugatinál
virágbolt a nyugatinál
friss virág a boltban
friss virág a boltban
friss virág a boltban
friss virág a boltban

We order our flowers from all over the world directly from the Netherlands and Ecuador, including exciting flower specialties. Of course, we also have domestic seasonal flowers. In our store, you can choose from hundreds of roses, tulips, lots of special flowers, orchids, extra greens, and many exciting indoor plants. In addition, you can accompany your bouquet with plushes, chocolates, gifts, figures on stick, vases, candles and balloons! You will also find plant care products, elegant pots and potting soil.
If you want to decorate your home, you can choose from our door wreaths and table decorations, as well as decorations for the season. We have a large selection of really trendy dried flowers and forever roses.

virágüzlet Budapesten
virágüzlet Budapesten
virágüzlet Budapesten
virágüzlet Budapesten
virágüzlet Budapesten
virágüzlet Budapesten

Place flower order

If you are in a hurry, you can order in our web shop for pickup in the shop or call us (003670 5064442), and your bouquet will be ready by the time you come. Because our shop is on the corner of Podmaniczky and Csengery street it is usually not a problem to park your car right in front of our shop for a few minutes. If you come by public transport, walking distance to our shop from the boulevard is 240m, 3 minutes. Here you can wait in comfortable armchairs while your chosen bouquet is ready!

The flower shop is open until 9:00 ‑ 20:00 every day, except on Sundays and holidays a little shorter, 10:00 ‑ 16:00.
We deliver flowers in Budapest and surrounding area, our couriers can deliver the chosen bouquet within 2 hours!! You can place an order for same day until 7 p.m.

friss virág a boltban
friss virág a boltban
friss virág a boltban
friss virág a boltban

Our company is a small, Hungarian-owned company, in which flower fanatic florists work with great dedication. We are proud of our many positive reviews, our average on Google is 4,9, out of more than 1400 ratings. Our florists are highly trained, our lead florist Krisztina Hegedűs, is an international master florist, educated in Holland, studied under one of the biggest masters in floristry, Mr Gregor Lersch.

Customer reviews

I live abroad and have used Szirom flower sending service multiple times. The bouquets are always delivered in time and look just as beautiful if not prettier than on the website. They keep you informed about the delivery status and send you a photo of the delivered flowers. I tried other companies too, that delivered late and the flowers looked very different from the ones they show on their website. I will always use Szirom to send flowers to my loved ones.

( 5/5 )

very helpful staff, amazing and wonderful bouquets!! will definitely go go back in the future

( 5/5 )

Great advice for my Valentines bouquet! Lovely vendors and great atmosphere :) Not too expensive as well!

( 5/5 )

An amazing flower shop, the most beautiful and polite service I have received. All employees speak excellent English. Affordable prices. Fast deliveries. And most importantly flowers of a very high standard

( 5/5 )

Excellent service and products. I totally recommend

( 5/5 )

Супер флорист, который соберёт прекрасный букет!

( 5/5 )

Very reliable, good quality. Loving this place!

( 5/5 )

Always the best flowers, always fresh, and excellent service, 5 star

( 5/5 )

Great flowershop! I ordered a bouqet for my mother on Mother's Day from outside of Hungary and did not have any problems. The website was easy to use, the service was very fast. Flowers were very pretty :)

( 5/5 )

CONFIDENTLY The best flower shop in Budapest !!! good quality and consistant!

( 5/5 )

Choose bouquets in our flower shop from a gallery

You can choose a bouquet or a flower box in our flower shop from a gallery! flower bouquets from small to huge, flower boxes, flower baskets, specially structured bouquets and table decorations, wedding flowers, plant arrangements, wreaths, all can be found in our flower shop offer. If you don't have a specific idea, you can comfortably browse our flower shop offer in our store using the touch screen catalog.

megrendelés a virágboltban

Flower bouquet shapes

kerek csokrok

Round bouquets

Popular shape.
With or without bouquet paper.
kis csokrok

Small bouquets

For smaller occasions or for kids.
mezei csokrok

Meadow bouquets

Diverse, colorful, cheerful.
hoszzú csokrok

Tall bouquets

Recommended for taller flowers.
hajó csokrok

Boat shape bouquets

Exciting modern shape.

Bag bouquets

Practical, trendy bags.
félhold csokrok

Crescent moon shape bouquets

The most modern, new-wave bouquets.
Will sweep anyone off their feet.
szerkezetes csokrok

Structure bouquets

Bouquets with interesting technique.
nagy csokrok

Big bouquets

For a bigger occasion.
óriás csokrok

Giant Bouquets

If you want her to faint.
kartontölcséres csokrok

Craftpaper cone bouquets

Simple an practical.
csokortartós csokrok

Bouquets with bouquet holders

Exciting frames in which we make the bouquets.
This makes the shape more various.
rejtett csokortartós csokrok

Hidden bouquet holders

Thanks to a hidden wire structure, the bouquet will be larger and looser.
legyező csokrok

Fan bouquets

Bouquets open from the front
jogar csokrok

Scepter bouquets

Elongated shape. It\'s beautiful from every side.

Flower boxes

In all shapes, colors and sizes.

Flower baskets

Traditional, practical shape
óriás kosarak

Giant flower baskets

You need a truck for these.
menyasszonyi csokrok

Bridal bouquets

Choose the most beautiful one!
fémtálsa díszek

Flower arrangements in metallic bowls

Simple and fantastic
fatálas díszek

Flower arrangements in wooden bowls

Rustic and modern.
vázás virágdíszek

Vase arrangements

In all shapes, colors and sizes.

Glass cubes

Crisp and clean.
ballagási csokrok

Graduation bouquets

With special figures

Romantic bouquets

modern vörösrózsa csokrok

Modern red rose bouquets

You can not go wrong with this.
szorosan kötött vörösrózsa csokrok

Tightly bound red rose bouquets

Simply a lot of flowers
vörösrózsa tölcsérek

Red rose cones

Practical and classic.
kis rózsa csokrok

Small red rose bouquets

It\'s not the size that matters.
óriás rózsacsokrok

Big red rose bouquets

Size matters.

Rose boxes

In all shapes, colors and sizes.
szív alakú dobozok

Heart Boxes

Only for love
akasztós dobozok

Hanging boxes

Unusual and exciting shape.
vörösrózsa táskák

Red rose bags

The flower dresses you.
rózsa kosarak

Rose baskets

If you are looking for big and traditional shape.
vörös rózsák kerámiában

Red roses in ceramic

Fits in small places, easy to handle.
óriás rózsadobozok

Giant rose baskets

If you want to swipe her off her feet.
izgalmas vörösrózsás termékek

Interesting red rose products

Special vases and bases.

Cut-flowers in the shop

vágott virág választék

An abundance of flowers

We are awaiting you with a huge selection of cut-flowers
rózsák a virágboltban


Big head, long stem roses from Ecuador.
In many colors.
tulipánok a virágboltban


Straight from Holland, all kinds of special varieties, like double petal ones.
liliomok a virágboltban


Our favorite is the double petal variety!
orchideák a virágboltban


Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Cymbidium in cut-flower form
szegfű a virágboltban


In the most interesting colors!
kálák a virágboltban


Even in black color!
hortenziák a virágboltban


The large headed beauty.
napraforgó a virágboltban


Even in winter!
szezonvirágok a virágboltban

Seasonal flowers

Treasures from local flower farms.
különleges virágok a virágboltban


Nerine, astrantia, leucospermum, wax, ornithogalum, english roses, oxypetalum, gentiana, delphinium, etc.
fréziák a virágboltban


Scented, with double petals.

Chrysanthemum daisies

In fantastic colors and textures.
apró virágok a virágboltban

Small flowers

Santini, wax, limonium, chamomile.
izgalmas kiegészítők a virágboltban

Exciting accessories

Eryngium, hypericum, leucadendron, skimmia, lepidium, euphorbia, craspedia, etc...
magas virágok a virágboltban

Tall flowers

Delphinium, matiola, snapdragon, gladiolus.
tavaszi virágok a virágboltban

Spring flowers

Ranunculus, hyacinth, anemone.
izgalmas zöldek a virágboltban

Interesting greens

Eucalyptus, monstera, typha, leucothoe, ruscus, blue fern, umbrella fern, etc.

Potted plants in the flower shop

dísznövények a virágboltban

Exciting plant selection

Youz can find a wide variety of potted plants in our shop
cserpes orchideák a virágboltban

Beautiful orchids

From dwarf to big, and multiflora versions.
különleges levéldísznövények a virágboltban

Special leafy green plants

Which makes even plant collectors go crazy.
kaktuszok a virágboltban

Cactusses, succulents

You can always find cactuses and succulents in our selection!
könynen tartható növények a virágboltban

Easy care plants

So the shadier rooms can have plants in them too.
virágzó növények a virágboltban

Flowering plants

If you want to bring it as a gift...
broméliák a virágboltban

Bromelia varieties

Tillandsias, vrieseas, aechmeas. Easy to handle, hardy plants.
balkon virágok a virágboltban

Balcon flowers

A small plant decoration in the window is always homely.
nagy szobanövények a virágboltban

Big room plants

Palms, ficuses, dracaenas, yuccas, also in larger sizes upon order!
kaspók a virágboltban


Simple, minimalist, decorative, colorful, cool.
In our flower shop, you can find pots in all colors, styles and sizes.
növényápolási termékek a virágboltban

Plant care products

Tools, nutrients, potting soil.
Everything to make the plant feel good.

Chocolate in our flower shop

kézműves csokik a virágboltban

Handmade chocolates

In our flower shop, we strive to ensure that customers who are looking for something special can find the dessert that suits them. That\'s why we offer handmade chocoMe chocolates.
bonbonok a virágboltban


In addition to handmade chocolates, more traditional bonbon boxes are also available. Some in special, occasion-appropriate packaging.

Teddy bears in the flower shop

plüssök a virágüzletben

Plush toys in many shapes and sizes!

Who wouldn\'t melt over a cute silky plush! Come into our flower shop and choose to your liking from our huge stock.
plüss mackók a virágüzletben

Teddy bears

From small to giant!
And all are soft!
plüssök a virágüzletben

House animals

Plush kitten, dog, parrot, fish, hamster.
Anything that can happen around the house.
plüssök a virágüzletben

Wild animals

Lion, boar, octopus, turtle, ostrich.
Fish, game, birds.
plüssök a virágüzletben

Plush for kids

Plush toys for babies.
Or dinos and unicorns for older ones.

Our offer to go with the the bouquet

Long lasting flowers

Mon‑Sat: 9:00 ‑ 20:00
Sun: 10:00 ‑ 16:00

Web: 0 ‑ 24
Delivery: 7 ‑ 20:45
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