Flower shop: Budapest, 1067 Podmaniczky street 39.

Opening hours:
Monday - Saturday: 9:00 ‑ 20:00
Sunday: 10:00 ‑ 16:00

Phone: +36-70-506-4442

Company information

Virág-Háló Ltd.
Company number: 01-09-862716
Tax number: 13581558-2-41
Head office: 1023 Bp Mecset u. 10. (post address)
Flower shop: Budapest, 1067 Podmaniczky u. 39. (shop)
Account number for Hungarian bank transfers:
10700732 - 43095607 - 51100005 (CIB Bank)

About Us

Our company has two decades of experience and has been operating with full dedication since 2005.
We deliver our flower bouquets in and around Budapest on short notice, which you can easily and quickly order on our website.
Our flower shop awaits flower lovers with an outstanding selection!
We order our flowers from all over the world, in addition to domestic seasonal flowers, directly from the Netherlands and Ecuador, including exciting specialties.
Our 180 square meter flower shop is located next to the Nyugati railway station, in the center of Budapest, on Podmaniczky Street.
Our company is a small, Hungarian-owned company, in which flower fanatics work with great dedication.
Our goal is to provide the best in flower delivery service, both in terms of selection, quality and speed.
In addition to the joy of the recipient, the satisfaction of the customer is also very important to us, so we inform you about every step of the order and send a photographic confirmation.
We constantly develop our products so that the current seasons and the most modern trends in flower arranging are also present, while we also pay attention to satisfy the more traditional needs.
In addition to sending flowers, of course we also operate as a flower shop, with long opening hours every day.
We make wedding and event decorations with great routine, our reference is the flower decoration of more than 500 weddings and numerous events.
Our sevice includes weekly fresh flower decoration and planting for hotels, offices and receptions.
You can also hire us as freelance florists.
Visit us, we look forward to seeing you! :)

The owner and leading florist of our company obtained her qualification as an international master florist in the Netherlands, learning from perhaps the greatest master of our profession, Gregor H. Lersch. She is a huge fan of contemporary flower arrangements. She lives for flowers, and her days are 100% filled with her passion and interest in flower arrangements. She has been leading our company since 2005 with all her heart and soul. In terms of style she likes vegetative, structural and contemporary styles, and mostly wildflowers. She is fond of new techniques. In terms of colors, she prefers earthier, or exciting bridging colors.

Owner of our company, electrical engineer, programmer. We owe our website to him, which he developed down to the smallest detail. Our order management interface and background system put even the largest companies to shame. He is a kind, smart, good-humored, calm person, a big cactus and dog fan.

Veronika has a degree in horticultural engineering and is our business manager. Very precise, reliable, ties every bouquet perfectly. In terms of style, she is closest to romantic and bohemian, she likes deeper, more lush colors. She is a bit more withdrawn, a kind, soft-spoken person. She loves nature.

Szabi is a business manager, a horticultural engineer with a phd. He taught at a university, but now he lives only for flowers. Kind, smart, reliable, calm nature. In terms of style, he likes field and domestic flowers the most. He loves small, cloud-like flowers and exciting greens. If he is not working in the store, he is certainly expanding his garden with the most unique types of plants.

Tomi always jokes around, he is a kind, snappy, and energetic person. He is perfectly clean-obsessed and a fan of clean, minimalist style in flower arrangements as well. He follows contemporary flower arrangements with interest. He loves nature, special plants, and above all, dogs.

Zsófi, a florist with two decades of experience, creates precise and beautiful bouquets. Her favorite is elegant style, playing with pastel colors or shades of one color whenever possible. She loves order, cleanliness, and is passionate about nature. She has an understanding, friendly nature.

Csilla is very kind to customers, she has a cheerful nature, good humor and practical thinking. Her favorites are large flowers, such as hydrangea or vanda orchids, and she likes 'simple and smart' in terms of style. She is passionate about design because of her education as an interior decorator. She loves nature, exotic flowers and plants.

Our courier Csaba is very polite and courteous with the recipients, with a degree in the catering industry. He is an excellent driver, precise, organized, kind and calm person. In his free time, he likes fishing.

Our courier István is a real courier, fast as lightning, kind and cheerful. A huge Formula 1 and soccer fan, he was a soccer player himself.

The smallest member of our company, who would untie every customer's shoelaces if he could.

Mon‑Sat: 9:00 ‑ 20:00
Sun: 10:00 ‑ 16:00

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Delivery: 7 ‑ 20:45
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